Red, Green or White – Which Sumatra is the Best?

Red, Green or White – Which Sumatra is the Best?

Just as the name suggests, Sumatra Kratom is found in the Indonesian city of Kratom. The Sumatra strain grows really well in the hot and humid climate of Indonesia. With its growing popularity among the Kratom users, many more Sumatra trees are being planted and grown over there.
There are three strains of the Sumatra Kratom – red, green and white; which are actually the different shades of veins found on the Sumatra leaves. However, the differences are not just limited to the colors; there are many more differences present which have different effects on the user. Here we are going to find out which strain of Sumatra is the best.
Red Vein Sumatra Kartom
This strain is the best for releasing a sense of calm and tranquility inside the body. If you are someone who gets tensed easily and the magnanimity of the world’s issues is too much for you to tolerate, then you should be using this strain of Sumatra kratom.
People who suffer from sleeping disorders can really benefit from this strain. You can actually get rid of many issues like sleep paralysis and getting scared at night.
Its usage as a pain reliever is proven by many. So if you are suffering from severe pain in any part of your body, then the red vein Sumatra can help you in relieving the sensation of pain. This is because it is basically an analgesic and starts working within 60 minutes of its consumption.
However, one should be really careful while consuming the Red Sumatra strain. Too many doses of this strain can cause a person to become sedated. This is primarily because of the alkaloid 7 hydroxymitagynine present in it. This alkaloid is the best option to use when one wants to get rid of any aching muscle or pain present in any part of the body.
Green Vein Sumatra Kartom
This strain is perfect for those who suffer from lethargy and occasional episodes of boredom. The Green vein Sumatra kartom works on the body by elevating the feelings of wakefulness in the mind as well as the body.
Even if you get stressed easily, then drinking this shade of the Sumatra kartom can get rid of the stress from your system by providing you with a lot of energy and a feeling of excitement. Just like its Red vein counterpart, the green strain is also a good option for getting rid of not just any kind of pain which you might be experiencing, but also any kind of discomfort which you may experience because of it.
So, if you work on an area where you need to be alert all the time, then the green vein Sumatra strain of kartom should be a part of your lifestyle.
Those people who use a lot of red vein Sumatra usually mix up the green and the red vein strains together to reduce the impact of the red vein on them. This is because the red vein Sumatra causes a lot of sedation in the user, while the green vein strain reduces its impact.
However, the most amazing function of the green vein Sumatra is that it actually helps you in getting rid of any kind of social anxiety which you may experience. Whether it is becoming short of breath, blushing, getting nervous or losing whatever confidence you may have, the green Sumatra works on these issues by making you calm and providing you with a feeling of happiness, confidence and relaxation. It lets you enjoy any kind of social activities and provides you with comfort.
White Vein Sumatra Kratom
The white vein Sumatra acts as a mood stimulant. It helps in getting rid of laziness, makes a person active and alert. Furthermore, it induces such wakefulness in the user, that you do not have to worry about dozing off while listening to a boring yet an important lecture. If you get tried easily or you work crazy hours, taking white vein Sratom can prove to be really beneficial for you.
For getting wakefulness and to get rid of any kind of sluggish behavior which you may experience, you should take the white Sumatra in a small dosage every time. However, if you are looking towards getting rid of any kind of pain and even depression, then you can take it in a much more doze. For getting the best results, you can mix the white vein Sumatra with the red vein Sumatra.
Recommended Dosage of the Sumatra Strains
You cannot just take a strain without knowing the right amount of dosage, as otherwise you can actually cause a lot of problems within your system. Just like any other kratom strain, it is recommended that you start by taking small dosage of the kratom initially. You can then further increase it according to your needs and requirements.
The Threshold Dose
This is the threshold or the initial stage which is recommended for beginners specifically. In the threshold doze, you should not consume more than 2 grams of the Sumatra kratom at any given time.
The Moderate Dose
This dose is perfect for those users who are in the moderate stages of the kratom usage. If you are already taking some kratom strain, then you can start by consuming 2 to 3 grams of the Sumatra kratom at any given time.
Medium High Dose
While we may term it as a medium-high dose, it can be the strong dose for many users. According to this level, you should take between 3 to 4 grams of Sumatra strain at a time.
Super High Dose
This dose is of the level which can cause you to become drowsy. It is basically the sedative stage which you can get by consuming 4 to 5 grams of Sumatra kartom at a time.
Extremely High Dose
6 grams of Sumatra kartom actually make up the highest dosage of the Sumatra kartom. At this stage, the user can become extremely drowsy. However, the intake of such a high dose is generally not recommended.

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