Select the best tooth brush: The tooth brush is effective which has soft stake of the above but the handle of the tooth brush is better enough for catching with fingers so that all the condition of the tooth of mouth that means the upper and lower and inner and outsider teeth are used. We have keep in mind that too much hard brush do not hurt the gum. Besides, now a days, electronic brush is safe for use. Food grains are removed by electronic tooth brush from all places of tooth gum. Then , those who have arthritis in hands, elbow or neck have electronic tooth brush for them or those who have problems to brush their teeth by hand, have also a medium of electronic tooth brush.

Brush tooth

How much time : – Do you brush your tooth in time, the scientists remark , everyday brush your tooth in two times then , if you brush your tooth in three times in a day, is best for your tooth.

Tooth for brush two  minutes is enough. The various  places of mouths are divided into four layers as for, upper , lower, right side and left side and decide that we should brush our tooth for 30  minutes for each layer. Many people spend huge time while brushing  or doing anything and most of them may suffer from  erosion or artisan  losing their enamel and teeth being sensitive feel chilling when they take hot tea or cold water.  In that case special tooth paste and dental feeling is needed.

Too much rubbing or not brush hardly:- It is seen that many men think if anyone rubs his or her tooth hardly then their tooth will be cleaned better  and will remove  dirt from his or her tooth. Actually, it is not that. Too much rubbing causes loss of tooth. For this enamel, removes from  teeth and loss its  gum also. So, very, slowly rubbing by rolling tooth brush as if no part of tooth is deducted..

Right process use:- The specialists have said that at first the brush should have to set at 45 degree angle then would have to brush. The outside portion and inside portion of the tooth and the upper portion of the tongue would have to brush. Really, we have to look that the food grain should not have in any part of tooth.

Sometimes, change the starting of brushing tooth:- Do you start of brushing tooth from the same place at all times? Rather, we all do that. Doing not that if  we  start our brushing tooth from upper portion  and brush  our tooth various  times from various parts then we will get benefits. As for example, today I can start my brushing from inner part and end it from the front part, then it will be effective with the changing habits.

Which kind of tooth paste will you use:- Many times , we use tooth paste seeing or hearing advertisement on TV or Radio and it is said that these tooth paste keep our tooth  better or protect the tooth from sensitivity. But actually, is it true, so, know your dentist which tooth paste is better for you because tooth paste used for sensitivity may harms greatly.  The best process is that any tooth paste mixed with  fluoride use regularly, yet coal, powder may be harmful for tooth.

Too much soft drinks is harmful for tooth:- Many kinds o,,f energy drinks , diet soda or chocolate toffee even health drinks as for example, orange juice and coffee can harm the enamel of tooth easily. So, brushing the tooth is necessary  after taking this kind of food because sour food can harm the enamel of tooth.

Keep your brush clean:- Keep your brush clean after brushing  the tooth. You must  keep your  brush clean washing with clean water because the food grains , dirt of your mouth detain with your brush. And  the next day , you will this  same brush. So, you clean your  tooth brush well with germless medicine , then you will be able to keep your gum and tooth well.

Never keep the tooth brush in toilet:- We keep  our tooth brush in toilet in open in many times .It is not agreeable for health. Keep your brush  in a pot. If you keep your brush in  open place all the germs  of toilet may take shelter in your tooth brush that is not good for health Again , on the other hand ,do not  keep your brush with the brush of others because germs can spread. Brush keep always in dry place because germs take shelter in wet place.

10How many days will use the brush:- According to the American dental association , a brush should only three to four months. Be careful of the stake of your tooth brush .When you will notice that the stake of your brush will bend then you have to change your brush because bend stake cannot clear the tooth well

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